Posted by: kathandroger | October 13, 2015

A bad day (and night).

We all have them;good days and bad days. You can’t have any ups without any downs. But yesterday started so well. We have some damp mould on the sitting room wall which needed removing, and all went well with some stiff brushes and bleach. I even hoovered up all my mess before spraying on some antifungal preventative. On a roll, the wife had “suggested” that I may like to unblock the kitchen sink. As we chaps know only too well, a “suggestion” means get your arse in gear and get on with it. So I did. Two hours later, with the loo (containing the access point to the drainpipe) had been flooded with foul dirty greasy water, the cupboard under the sink was awash, my knuckles on the left hand were bleeding from rodding the pipes, and my happy mood was no longer. Roger the bodger had done his usual trick of drilling a hole in the top of a drain to gain access to a difficult corner, and although the blockage was cleared, the room was full of noxious odours-a result not unnoticed by the Boss.

That challenge at last completed, I set about installing a room divider in the dining room, long planned to hide the computer table from the dining area. This project had been designed over several weeks, and implemented over the past fortnight. It involved “reclaiming” some old oak planks from across the road, cleaning and polishing old clay floor tiles, lots of bending, welding and painting and even making some oak leaves from metal plate. The oak was to match the dresser in the kitchen, and the tomettes to similarly match the floor. The whole thing had to be assembled in the house or it would have been too heavy to move. The trouble and strife had been noticeably absent from the construction phase in the workshop, not an unusual state of affairs, but reluctantly agreed to help me move the uncompleted carcass into the dining room, then went off to do her teaching. Excitedly the components were put together and the result decorated with odds and sods from around the house.IMG_3241The only thing left to do was to cement the tiles in place. The only problem was that it didn’t look very attractive, but maybe it would grow on us. Kath will either love it or hate it. Sadly it was the latter. My masterpiece was not greeted in the hoped for manner. It wasn’t what she wanted, and would make the computer area too dark. End of story. Cue a big sulk from the builder. I have learned to say nothing myself in times like this, and instead took an  old  bicycle for a ride to the river. I wasn’t planning to jump in, but rather sit in a lovely little spot I know and contemplate. The wind was strong, but eventually I reached my haven, only to find an angler dangling his rod in my favourite spot! Bugger again, I know, I will go back, walk up our hill and finish that bottle of old red wine in our summerhouse there. Panting and angry, on the way through the sheep field I saw that the water troughs were empty and turned on the hosepipe. Only when on my second glass of wine did I realise that I had left the tap on and would have to go down again. Stomping downhill I met Hercules, our ram, who at this time of year is very masculine indeed, having to look after his ladies for the coming spring lambing. Just as I reached the gate to our garden, a hairy head exploded into my hindquarters, almost knocking me to the ground. I am usually very gentle with our beasts, but temper overcame me and I turned and kicked the animal as hard as I could with my left foot. A ram’s head is very thick indeed, and my foot less so.

Back in the house, I dismantled the room divider and chucked the pieces into the wood store. I had enjoyed making it and learned some more metalwork techniques, so all was not lost. In bed I could not sleep because of an increasing pain in my left foot. Now where could that have come from? Even an overdose of paracetamol didn’t control the agony, but I guess it was divine retribution for kicking an animal. It is much better today, and the sun has just come out and I will go and chainsaw a dead branch off the cherry tree. Good days and bad days.


  1. Bless you all that hard work but pleas remember you sheep always lamb at Christmas never in the spring !!!!!
    Love you all Sara and Steve

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