Posted by: kathandroger | September 3, 2015

Another big Fish and falling fruit.

I guess it is because I am so useless at fishing in the river locally that I have to make my own fish out of bits and pieces. Each year I  buy a  permit, and each year only one or two unsuccessful sorties are made to the fish filled Creuse just down the road. I swear that when we swam down the river last month I could see laughing shoals all around me. No matter, the big Barramundi fashioned from car springs was looking a bit lonely on the end of the big barn, and the local ramblers told me it was too low to be easily seen from the road. It is great to be able to keep lots of metal junk in the workshop, and a quick rummage produced a couple of hubcaps and a chromed tube from the running board of a 4×4 car. With the indispensable oil cans laying around, and using the plasma cutter and stick welder, this slick sailfish has appeared to keep company with his IMG_3199 rotund mate

September has arrived, moments, it appears, after the first spring flowers. The summers really do pass much too quickly, and now we have all the autumn fruit to deal with. This year has been very productive for the grapes, cherries and plums, and we have so many apples that I am going to have to make a press for cider production. Even the peach tree in the orchard has become overwhelmed and is struggling to support all the fruit, and the smaller apple tree has capitulated to the weight of produce and a large bough has broken off.IMG_3203 Boudie has eaten her own weight in plums and the end effects on her walks is sometimes explosive and spectacular and to be avoided at all costs. The chickens have always loved the grapes and jump up to pick them off the vines on the walls, and the sheep and goat love to gorge themselves on the falling apples in the field. This really is the time of plenty, and the time to savour before the depths of winter are upon us.

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