Posted by: kathandroger | August 24, 2015

River swimming and Village Art.

Kath loves swimming. I don’t. But it is great exercise for those of us who can no longer chase balls about and kick people, and so most weeks we spend about an hour gracefully making our way up and down the local pool at Chatellerault. Our own pool is lovely for jumping in and cooling down, but even for me it is only about five strokes end to end. So last week the Boss suggested we swim down our local river from St Remy, our village, to Descartes, about a couple of kilometres away. I was thinking of all the excuses I could use, when John, one of our guests, also wanted to swim, so I had no way out. We made our way to the local “beach”-which is really a bit of the bankside cleared of bushes, and gingerly I entered the unknown. It looks pretty, but who knows what lurks in those unseen depths?IMG_3194The weed really was no problem, and we were soon in open water, the other two in the middle of the river, and me hogging the near bank. John was swimming breaststroke, and Kath has been doing open water training most weeks and can see where she is going, but navigation is not my strong point, and I could not see any lines on the bottom to follow, but frequent collisions with the bank put me back in the right direction. I must say that swimming in a pretty and empty river, in mid summer, in the warm water, really wasn’t too much bother, but it took a long time to be able to see the bridge at Descartes where we made our landing. The local anglers seemed a bit gobsmacked by three “anglaises” clambering inelegantly up the bank, but after a good rub down and a couple of beers all seemed good in the world. I may even do it again!

Many of our local villages have fetes of some sort, and even more have the annual “vide grenier” -car boot sale, but literally “empty the attic”. One or two have some other feature, and in Pussigny, there is an annual exhibition of street art. We first saw this on one of our club bike rides, but I went back today to take some snaps. The pictures are all large, about 3m by 2m, and are arranged all over the village for most of the summer. They are all by local artists, and I wonder how much the present inclement weather damages them, but interestingly, no damage seems to be done by local vandals-would that happen in the UK?IMG_3196IMG_3195


  1. No wonder you went back….
    that is really good stuff…
    my favourite is the landing “egret”-like birds.

  2. So did you have a support vehicle waiting at Descartes with the towels etc and so you didn’t have to walk or swim back?

    And the birds look like some sort of egret/pelican hybrid. The art looks fun, and higher quality that one often sees.

    • Yes, Susan, we take two cars and leave one at each end; the time to do that is nothing compared to the time I need to swim it! Do go and see the paintings-it is open until the end of September.

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