Posted by: kathandroger | August 14, 2015

Colours, Croquet and Scrumpers Alley.

We have not had much rain this year, and the garden has suffered. The carrots are tiny little things and the onions have not filled out as they did last year. Watering helps, but is never as good as the rain, and last year August was wet and excellent for the garden produce. I pulled up all the onions a few days ago, and despite being small, the colours were lovely.IMG_3159They are all strung up in the garage now and should see us through to next springtime.IMG_3192

In the orchard the croquet has really taken off. For non afficianados it is a silly game of knocking a ball through hoops in a certain order, then finishing by hitting the centre post. But to make things interesting, opponents balls can be knocked out of the way, an extra shot is gained, and the end result is all out war between participants. Add to this the fact that our lawn is not up to international standards and skill does not always triumph. Lots of laughs as well though, and I only hope that my homemade mallets stand up to the current bashing they are receiving.IMG_3187

Our little lane outside the house is only rarely used by passing traffic. It is lined on both sides by fruit trees, brambles and our grape vines. Yesterday a local resident slowed down whilst I was in the orchard, and, unaware of my presence, coolly opened his car window and reached up to grab a handful of nice ripe plums. We don’t mind this at all, as we have so many this year, but I thought I would embarrass him and popped up from behind our wall to ask if they tasted OK. Far from admitting his scrumping crime, he told me that they were more tasty last year and did I have any other varieties! I guess that is just another of our cultural differences. Wait til I pass his garden! Having said that it really is a good spot for the produce of high summer. I collected this little plateful in about two minutes.IMG_3190


  1. Which red onion variety do you grow, please, K&R?
    We had a go with overwintering Red Baron this year…
    abject failure!!

    • Tim, the onions were planted this spring, but I have no idea which ones they are-as usual we bough them from the chap at Descartes market, and last year they lasted all through to the spring. Do go and see the artwork-it is open until the end of September.

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