Posted by: kathandroger | July 30, 2015

The cars have gone-hooray!

Since we have been in France, one of the few things that have bothered us has been the car wrecks in the barn immediately opposite to the entrance to our house. The owner, who died over two years ago, was an ex garage owner who seemed to collect old useless vehicles and just stack them randomly about his property. But it was not only cars; every sort of junk imaginable could be found, ranging from old ironing boards to mouldy horse collars. Admittedly, some bits of metal were useful for my IMG_3119 (2) sculptures and found their way into my workshop, but on the whole nothing was worth pinching! Last month one of Francis’s ex females came and had a rummage, and said she owned most of the vehicles and that they would be removed for scrap. Pigs will fly we thought, but, to our amazement, yesterday several huge vehicles arrived with big grabby things on top and pulled the old cars out of the barn, expertly deposited them in huge containers, crushed them down and took them off!IMG_3153Now everyone to his trade, but I could not help but admire the skills of the crane operator, plucking heavy objects from difficult spots and dumping them accurately into the trailers, often very close to the power lines. He even stopped to let Kath fetch her camera and paused when she found the card was full!IMG_3152So we then had only a few random scraps of crap left, and the trouble and strife got to work with the strimmer, heaved random articles to the back of the barn and swept up whilst I went fishing. The guilt of my being away from this endeavor weighed heavily on me all afternoon and no doubt contributed to my fishless trip, but I hope that I atoned for my absence by erecting her hastily purchased hanging baskets.IMG_3154It is all still a bit of an eyesore, but much better than before, and hopefully, when the French inheritance system sorts out all the legalities we may be able to buy it and do a proper job!


  1. I love the way French guys are almost always very happy to be photographed at their work. I think they like it that someone takes an interest.

  2. Piles of rusting junk almost seem to be an obligatory feature around rural properties…….one we’re trying to avoid! I can imagine how pleased you were to see it all go, it’s rarely pretty.

  3. I think Kath did very well to heave that old Beemer to the back…
    knee must be much better!
    Being serious, I take it that that is a runner….

  4. Well done….you’ve gotta be a whole lot happier! xx

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