Posted by: kathandroger | July 23, 2015

Rotten wood and drowning motorists.

I was more than a little alarmed a few days ago to find the building over our wine press had developed rot in one of the supports and was in the process of falling down. It was constructed with some old timbers from our barn-poplar with lots of worm holes in it, but I figured that with a good coating of paint it wood last for years. Wrong! One corner of the building had lost about two inches in height, and I was convinced that complete collapse would occur during the night. We managed to find some old props, and with the aid of a car jack I gently raised the roof back to nearly the original position.IMG_3141Luckily there was another old beam in one of the barns which I was able to cut to fit the rotten wood, and after lots of cussing and bashing out of the props it all looks good again. Don’t build with rotten wood!IMG_3142

We are in the midst of a drought at the moment. The sunny weather has been good for the harvest, but the maize has been suffering from lack of water. As usual, the local farmers have been liberally watering the crops with their water cannons. These are very efficient machines which suck water out of the local lakes and rivers and shoot it over the fields. They are moved automatically and the jet rotates through 360  degrees every minute or so. Control of the machines is so good that there really is no excuse for the fact that one of the main targets for irrigation seems to be the passing motorist or cyclist! Twice in a few hundred metres yesterday we were soaked whilst on the weekly club bike ride. And last week we found out one of the reasons for not having a sun roof in the car. Perhaps it is all part of the protests the farmers in France are making at the moment-not enough subsidies no doubt, or maybe they are just having a laugh!IMG_3145


  1. Technically I think it is illegal to water the road, but hey, who’s going to police it…

  2. Dodging the irrigation showers can be tricky but speaking as a motorcyclist we are usually dressed for it not to matter too much!

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