Posted by: kathandroger | July 12, 2015

Mid Summer.

What a change in one week! The harvest is almost complete, and the tranquility of our country life has been perturbed by the continuous hum of the combine harvesters and tractors. And do they work! We are surrounded by several large fields and each has been ravaged by machinery until late at night, both the summer wheat and the oil seed rape have all gone now, and as soon as we have some rain I expect the ploughs will be out. What clever machines they are! To see a rough field of rape, full of weeds, traversed by a nine metre wide harvester, and the clean seeds being blown into a waiting trailer really is the epitome of modern farming efficiency. It takes me as long to pick a basket full of beans for supper as it does to harvest several acres.

But our own harvest is also now in full swing. The garden is producing lots of vegetables now-as usual with loads too many courgettes, and the orchard is at present supplying lots of good figs.IMG_3140The local snakes have not been so numerous this year, a pity as they are mainly completely harmless and the grass snakes are lovely to see. I did find this skin on our boundary wall a few days ago, but where the owner went to I have no idea.IMG_3138The local chicory flowers have come out this last week. I took the dog for and early morning walk today and thought how beautiful and numerous they were this year, and thought I would come back later to take a photo. In my ignorance I was unaware that the flowers only last one day on this plant, and in the heat, by 6pm they had all disappeared!

Kath wanted a river swim yesterday. I was not too keen, but volunteered to man the safety boat, so we set off from the local village of Leugny and she swam several kilometres downstream to St Remy. What a pretty river, and even on a Saturday in mid summer,we only saw about ten other people. Kath swims well, but was defeated in several places by lack of water and all enveloping weeds. Luckily the captain of the safety kayak was up to the task, and she was dutifully rescued on the prow of the ship on several occasions. My fishing rod was hardly used; even the most hungry of fish would rightfully be put off feeding by her speeding form, but I have promised myself to return unimpeded by duty and display my piscatorial prowess-if only I can find the time!


  1. if only I can find the time!“….
    Yes! Where the heck does it go?!!

    • Actually, I’ve just realized…
      in this heat…
      time evaporates!

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