Posted by: kathandroger | July 7, 2015

The Canicule (scorching heat!).

We often have some hot days in this part of France, but rarely without pause. Over the past two weeks the temperatures have been in the thirties every day, and we are all feeling the effects. For me it is one of unusual lethargy, and an irresistible desire to jump in the swimming pool. Sitting on the bottom step, only shoulders above water, and preferably drinking a nice chilled local white wine, it really is hell. Worse still for the locals who have to do proper work, especially as harvest has started, and despite air conditioned tractors, they tell me even they are feeling the strain, I doubt if they will go on strike however.IMG_3131

As a measure of how hot it is, this is our road outside the house, with the tar bubbling. It reminds me a little of the hot springs we saw in New Zealand last year, but no steam has been blown out yet. The cat and dog seem to find the coolest places, and have installed themselves on the floor of the outhouse which usually has a breeze in between the two doors to cool things down.IMG_3129 We have bought some new fans for the guests, and routinely close the shutters day and night to make things more pleasant. As the pool is becoming too warm to really cool down in we plan to swim in the local river today-the guests went there yesterday and were the only ones on the bank. My swimming may improve when I remind myself of the 70kg catfish that are sometimes caught thereabouts!

We are having to water the vegetables and flowers daily, no problem now that the well pump is fixed, and the lilies we bought a few years ago are appreciating the care.IMG_3133The sunflowers are out all around us now, and the French name “tournesol” means turning to face the sun-a misnomer I feel, because they all face only the morning sun, and don’t move during the day. All except this one, who is obviously the naughty boy in the class!IMG_3136


  1. Hi Roger , I love this WordPress that you have done. Also to say we have moved to France beginning of February and live in the Creuse near La Souterraine. Retired from farm nearly 3 years ago and we live in a lovely country area. Perhaps we will meet up one day . Greetings Roger and Pauline Britton

    • Hi Both, I am sorry but I have only today seen your message. It would be lovely to see you both and I hope you are as happy in your new life as we have been. How is the French coming along?
      Bisous, Roger.

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