Posted by: kathandroger | June 22, 2015

Our little lane.

I have just come home from England. A lovely trip to see family and particularly new grandchildren, in the wonderful scenery of Somerset and Dorset. At the end of Spring, this area of the UK is in full bloom and the winding country roads are almost a joy. Almost, because as always in those parts there is too much traffic and I was nervous of denting the hired car, and having to dive into narrow passing places is the norm. The cow parsley had just about finished, but the trees were in full bloom, about three weeks behind us in France. Here summer has fully arrived, and despite the recent rains we are again having to water all our plants. I have just wandered up our little lane by the side of the house and realized the great contrast between our new life and the old one. I didn’t have to worry about the traffic! We have about two cars an hour along the little road, and even Dennis is not scared to wander up and down there.IMG_3112The commune have recently cut the verges, which, to my mind, is a pity, as they are usually full of wild flowers. I counted how many species I had seen in this little road, but have lost count! We have often seen the local deer wander across, and even the local wild boar. The few cars usually contain a local resident, who will usually stop to pass the time of day-that is another very rare thing in the UK now, and the odd tractor and trailer is a joy for the dog, who loves to chase them to the end of the road within the confines of our orchard walls. The local crops in the fields are different most years; at the moment we have these big green trees.IMG_3113Only jesting-it is the oil seed rape which has done so well this year.

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