Posted by: kathandroger | April 30, 2015

one more bowl of porridge to go!

If I have a choice I don’t think I’ll eat another bowl of porridge in my life!! 5 on the trot with nothing added has been quite enough!

Yesterday – day 3 of living below the line – was very tough. I’d woken up in the night on Tuesday very hungry and was hungry from morning to night yesterday. The hunger is one thing, but it is compounded by the lack of variety and lack of flavour. I’m missing sauces! I’m still missing fruit more than anything though. Yesterday’s lunch had some of our lovely tomato and courgette mix, which did have a bit of the sweet acidness of fruit, but just a bit!

There was no way I could have gone out on the club ride yesterday; I did a 30km circuit, but had very little in my legs. It was definitely a low energy day!

Today has been a bit better. Don’t know if it is because we’re near the end. Or maybe because lunch of egg fried vegetable rice was a lot tastier than expected…even if it doesn’t look too appealing…


A mid-week weigh in showed 1.2 kgs lost in 3 days…plenty of scope to eat like a proverbial pig at the weekend!! Roll on Saturday!


  1. Are you eating the porridge for breakfast? As a dedicated intermittent faster (500 calories every third day, the other two days a free for all) one of my techniques is to skip breakfast. There is a lot of nonsense written about breakfast. It is not the most important meal of the day, lunch is. I also find that an afternoon of gardening is excellent for controlling and distracting from the hunger. Sitting around focusing on it is fatal. Of course, I’m not budget restricted as well, so I can make sure my 500 calories are full of protein and GI controlling foods. I’m also not doing it day after day.

    • Yes, porridge was for breakfast. By day 3 I was waking up very hungry, so skipping breakfast was not really an option. Doing it day after day is one of the things I will take away form this. It was much easier towards the end, because it was towards the end. The prospect of going on indefinitely would have been pretty depressing. An afternoon of gardening would be great…if only I had the time!!! Thanks for your support!

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