Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2015

Distinctly hungry!

Day 2 of my live below the line challenge has been a whole lot harder than day 1. I’ve been pretty active, working in the garden and did manage a 2 km swim which probably hasn’t helped! I feel satisfied (if not full) after each meal, but an hour or so later am hungry again. I can’t get the image (and taste) of a fresh, crisp baguette with a thick wedge of cheese out of my mind!! And I’m still craving fruit big time!

Today’s menu was actually the same as yesterday, except the lunch was for dinner and the dinner for lunch…and I’ve now had enough of chickpeas! Roll on pasta and tomato and courgette sauce! The sauce is the one item I’m using from our freezer – last years garden produce. At least I know it is tasty and full of goodness!

Tomorrow is cycling day – we usually do about 100km with the local club. I’m going to have it give it a miss however and settle for something a bit shorter. There’s no way I’ll have enough energy to get me through that. 2 days in and hunger is definitely setting in!

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