Posted by: kathandroger | April 27, 2015

feeling a bit peckish!

Live below the line challenge…

Day one is almost over; not too bad so far. I had porridge for brecky, chickpea and broccoli curry for lunch (forgot the rice) and Spanish frittata (basically 2 eggs, a potato and a bit of onion!) for dinner (with the rice I forgot at lunchtime!):


I’ve had a pretty busy day, including a run, and I have to say I was flagging a bit early evening, but the frittata did fill the gap. I’m really craving fruit though. I usually get through quite a bit in the day and could murder one of the big juicy apples in our fruit bowl…to say nothing of a glass of red wine of course!

I did weigh in this morning – 61.2 kg – so I shall be tracking that over the course of the next few days. I reckon I have eaten around 1000 calories between my 3 meals…I suspect I normally have 3 times that!

Wonder if I’ll dream of food tonight?…


  1. It all sounds ok until I realised that’s it!
    No fruit, no biscuits with morning coffee – no coffee? No chunk of French bread with cheese at lunchtime, or little pot of “riz au lait caramel” for dessert.
    It will be interesting to see how you feel and how much weight you lose as the days go by.
    Also what variety of menu you manage to rustle up!

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