Posted by: kathandroger | April 25, 2015

What a lovely lady.

We have had a good downpour last night after a long dry and hot spell. The rain usually wakes me and makes me think of the things I had left mistakenly outside, but luckily all was well. What a delightful thrill for the nasal passages first thing in the morning after a good downpour. It is as if all the fresh scents of spring have been combined to produce the full pleasure of another opening year in one full inspiration. The roses are in bloom now, and our wisterias continue to please both eye and nose.IMG_3000But beautiful as the garden flowers are, I think there is more pleasure in finding wild plants, unexpected finds that both surprise and delight. The early purple orchids are abundant now, but I have never found other orchids before May. I guess this hot spell has made the difference, but I came upon these lovely lady orchids whilst walking the dog in the local woods. The picture does not do them justice, however, mainly due to the inadequacy of the photographer getting the sun and shade wrong!IMG_3003

We visited Cognac a couple of days ago. What a nice old town, with nice restaurants and pretty river, and an interesting history. The Remy Martin tour was  instructive and the wife drove home! I also noticed that the swifts had arrived there, so maybe we will see (or rather hear) them in our Descartes market tomorrow.


  1. Lady’s are never far behind the Early Purps, so usually start in April. The swifts are in Loches and Amboise but not in Preuilly yet. They are obviously not all here yet.

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