Posted by: kathandroger | April 11, 2015

It’s buggered-go for a ride!

We have lots and lots of grass. It is a lovely shade of green, and if only it didn’t need cutting it would be wonderful. But does it grow quickly-I am convinced I can see those little shards laughing and pushing up at soon as the mower has been over them. With the warmer weather and sun of the past few days they have literally been having a field day! Twice a week trimming has been required, but no real problem with the sit on mower, which I even serviced before the season started. It was making some strange noises, however, and seemed to be losing power in the long grass; no matter, plough on, I can soon finish and have a beer. BANG!…..Now noises from engines have differing levels of importance, and this one was very important indeed. I am no mechanic, but that one noise immediately meant one thing to me-the machine is truly buggered and it sounds like a lot of money for repairs. Catastrophe! After towing the mower back to the workshop with the trusty Honda quad bike, it was apparent that two drive belts had snapped and that bits of metal were clattering in the engine. No beer for me, instead, filthy, greasy hands and hours of sweat to get the bloody engine out. I took the cutting deck off first, and that slipped over onto my right big toe. Not a happy mechanic. At last the offending, broken motor was delivered from its’ mechanical home to the refuge of a wooden block in the workshop, the splits in the engine evidence of inner maladies. Dismantling the top end, surprisingly did not reveal any piston or valve problems, but on examining the lower parts the damage was obvious. Come to think of it, medicine was a bit like that in my former life. The bearings had all completely disintegrated and bits of metal were everywhere.IMG_2991After spending several hours at the computer I have finally located all the new parts required and await delivery-actually isn’t it great to be able to sit in front of a screen, press a few buttons, and a new engine arrives at the front door a few days later-sad old git or what!

Having recovered from the mechanical traumas of the morning, it was still a wonderful spring day. There is nothing better to lift the mood than to go for a roar down the empty country lanes in my old banger. It is a MG kit car that I put together some 35 years ago, and although my younger daughter is the only female to like it (too noisy, smelly and it messes your hair up), I still adore it. So, joyfully into the garage, hop inside and off we go. Bugger again, bloody machine won’t start. Cuss cuss cuss and cuss again. Bonnet open, hands dirty once more, lots of pushing and pulling at electrical bits, et voila, it starts. So after the sad beginning to the day the compensation was the fresh French air, the swirling swallows, the song of the lark and the profusion of spring flowers all around-in some parts veritable carpets of cowslips. The old banger enjoyed her trip and wafted lazily along without any bits falling off, and never missing a beat. Springtime is wonderful.IMG_2993


  1. Ah, you take me back to when I was up to my ears in engine oil every weekend, on a 1964 Mini. It would be cruel of me to mention anything about prevention as opposed to cure, so I won’t. Lovely reading thank you. BR/DR.

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