Posted by: kathandroger | April 4, 2015

Yet more Hols.

Kath started teaching English several months ago. Although the daughter of two teachers, she has not really wanted to teach, but some of our French friends finally persuaded her, and she duly took all the relevant examinations for accreditation. She had intended to teach to business enterprises, but such was the pressure that she now gives lessons twice a week and the St Remy School of English has been established in the village. Lots and lots of preparation, some frustration, but I reckon she really enjoys it-and all fees go to charity. The average age of her pupils is in the mid sixties, so they seemed to be a bit more worldly wise than children, and were very keen on a school visit to London. Kath spent many hours in arranging a cheap hotel (Tune hotels in London-highly recommended) and an itinerary to include lots of the London sights. All went very well, except that we were rarely allowed out of the students’ sight-the worldly wise were not quite as confident as we thought! London is not how I remember it from 40 years ago. It is very clean, very multicultural, and brimming with life. We stayed in the Liverpool Street area, which is bursting with bustling pubs and some of our party even began to enjoy English beer. The curry evening did not go down too well though-much too spicy for French tastes, but fish and chips were well appreciated, and the sore feet from miles of walking were worth the effort. I think they all had a good time.

Some pals have a gite nearby called “Les Cigognes”, which means stork in English. Stupidly, I offered to make a couple when in my metalwork mood a month ago. We actually had a solitary live stork in the local fields recently, but usually I have only seen a few in the air around here. Apparently they used to be much more common. Anyway the Storks are more difficult than the random birds I have made before, but with a couple of old bike cranks, shears from old garden tools and the trusty oil cans it all eventually came together. I expected Ian and Sandra to put them outside their property as a marker, but they say they are scared that they will be stolen-that is the best complement I  have had for a long time-but perhaps it is because they don’t want to devalue their property!IMG_2977 IMG_2978


  1. Love the storks! Well done to Kath for turning her hand to teaching, I’m sure her class appreciate her efforts.

  2. Well done to Kath with the teaching. I hope she continues to enjoy it. The storks are fun too. I’m sure your friends love them. I’ve only ever seen the odd stork here too, and they are always just passing through. I’ve never seen the black storks which nest in the area — much rarer.

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