Posted by: kathandroger | March 15, 2015

The holiday.

imageWe are in Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Isles. A Caribbean paradise, but for us a bit too crowded and illustrative of the huge gulf in wealth between the local black population and the mainly white north American visitors. There are chickens running wild all over the island, and although driving cars is on the left, all the mainly American vehicles are left hand drive. To slow everything down (except the chickens), there are huge speed bumps all over the island. The locals are very friendly,and the reggae music recalls my early days in Balham, south London.

Yesterday we hired bikes and rode around the western half of Tortola. These are volcanic islands and the hills are steep! No wonder we didn’t see any other cyclists, and as we began the climb back over the top, we wondered why the locals were shouting encouragement. Pools of sweat later we understood! I reckon we pushed the bikes for at least a third of the ascent. Coming down was steep, dangerous,and fast, but we made it in one piece.image

We are off today to join our boat for a weeks’ swimming holiday.It’s a BIG birthday for Kath on Tuesday, and she has chosen this trip as celebration and relaxation. Apparently the average distance swam by the guests last week was 20 miles! I shall have to get the arm bands out and borrow some huge flippers to do anything like that.


  1. Happy roaring fortieth, Kath!

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