Posted by: kathandroger | March 11, 2015

Springtime and the Paris seat.

We have had a lovely week. Still cold in the mornings, but rapidly warming and on Sunday we reached 20 degrees. All around the promise of the wakening season was in evidence-a red squirrel ran in front of me in Chatellerault (interestingly we see more squirrels in the towns than in the countryside-a bit like foxes in the UK), the first butterflies are flitting and I nearly stepped on a lizard in the garden. Our lovely violets have come out, and the lungwort in the forest is in bloom, with daffodils brightening up the courtyard. Despite my efforts last year the moles are back in the orchard-I’ll catch the buggers yet!-and the dog has had her spring haircut. In the veg patch the peas are up and the garlic and broad beans have survived the winter. We have bags of  spuds still to eat, and the chickens are laying too many eggs; slow down girls! We await the cuckoo and swallow, maybe in another fortnight, but spring is such an uplifting time; warmth instead of cold fingers, the swimming pool beckoning and all the flowers coming into bloom. I think that each year I enjoy this time of year more.

But what does a chap do when his spouse is enjoying herself with chums in Paris for the weekend? A bit of judo perhaps? A friend (black belt) suggested I came along to the casual elderly gents evening on Friday, and never wanting to miss out on new experiences, I attended in full sports  kit, trying to look casual and confident. No, change into this judo kit and join the warmup-lots of bouncing about and pressups etc, but I was holding my own. But then came the judo bit-lots of grabbing collars and belts and falling about on the floor. Michel was very gently with me, but I’m not sure the attraction of male sweat in the face and grunting whilst being held in another chaps groin is entirely to my taste. The tango is much easier.

So on Saturday I could play unmolested in my workshop. I had a very old piece of thick oak plank in the woodstore. It was almost too heavy to lift, and a bit rotten, so I cut it in two a couple of years ago and had been wondering what to do with it since then. We have a couple of hazel trees doing nothing worthwhile in the orchard, so I reckoned they could be made to do something useful. Lots of cutting, cussing, heaving of heavy oak planks and cutting out mouldy wood, and the new bench was made. With building rods I have made an arch and attached the young hazel branches to form a shady area. I hope that when the new growth arrives it will be attractive as well as functional. It is called the Paris seat after the wife’s wild weekend! Sitting there watching the world go by is a lovely pastime. I wish I had time to do it!


So on Saturday I could play in my workshop without interruption.


  1. the moles are back in the orchard-I’ll catch the buggers yet!“…..
    You’ll need to do a Jasper Carrot, then….
    your nice new bench seems perfectly placed to sit…
    at night…
    shotgun in hand….
    torch strapped to barrel…
    see that molehill twitch….

    You may not get the mole… but you will certainly entertain the neighbours!

  2. Very nice seat! Happy for you that spring has sprung….going into autumn here but still hot and humid as hell!! Have a fab time on your hols.Sxx

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