Posted by: kathandroger | March 3, 2015

Meet the girls.

I have kept chickens for many years now. They are an endless source of entertainment, take very little looking after, and they really do all have individual characters. In the past I have kept several dozen at once, with ducks as well, but it is much more fun to only have a few and get to know them intimately. We have five at the moment, and despite not having a cock to look after them they seem to manage. Now five girls living without a man seems very strange to me, and they must realize that something is missing from life, but they soldier on regardless. The comforting serenade of the cockerels’ call is but a distant memory for them since Lofty went off to comfort females further afield. It amazes me how they have put their sadness behind them and get on with the job of destroying the flowerbeds and lawn despite their woes. Here is a quick character reference for our feathery female friends.IMG_2945Beryl is the wayward chicken. She does life her way. Her eggs are never in the hen house and have to be found somewhere in the grounds. At present she is laying in the log store, on the ground in a pile of hay and I have to be quick to get to her eggs before the dog eats them. She has already raised two broods of chicks, the latter hatched in one of the lofts, and is also the noisiest hen.IMG_2947Stumpy is very small, and as shown has a deformed claw, the result of our big clumsy hound standing on her when she was a chick. The stumper is very timid and always the last to reach any food offerings, hobbling along awkwardly, and she never says a word.IMG_2948Betty is a Medici, a large bird and stately as a galleon. Despite her bulk, she finds no difficulty in jumping up into the flower boxes to undo all our gardening efforts and is not in the slightest bit concerned about our admonishments.IMG_2954Big Bertha is otherwise known as the Turkey. A great big slab of a girl, and a local breed counou (naked neck). They look as if they were bred to have their necks pulled, and I’m afraid that is what happened to her brothers-they tasted wonderful. She lays great big eggs, and is the first to our back door in the morning for her Fruit & Fibre.

The Smoker is the mad chicken. She never gets up in the morning with the others, but stays in bed until mid morning. When it is cold and particularly when she is in molt-see blog of 6 Jan, she only runs backwards, often into solid objects. Despite all this she is a good layer and is of the French “Cendre” breed-meaning ash coloured.

The brood has free range of about an acre, all enclosed by our stone wall, and I reckon they live in chicken heaven!



  1. A perfect description….
    Vinnie seemed most unimpressed that his mother had acheived Blog status!!

    The characters bit is spot on…
    Blanche – grabs food and runs off with it…
    Alice [the one that looks like Beryl] – gets stuck in and barges the others out of the way…
    Vinnie – used to, but, now he’s a married bigamist, offers tasty morsels to the wives….
    hangs back until he feels they’ve had a good share…
    then barges in!

    Missed a wonderful photo t’other day…
    Vinnie had come to the back door…
    I opened it to have a chat, man to cockerel….
    the gals must have been beside the hangar and came charging around the corner to where the “action” was….
    as they came round the corner, they were side by side at the same angle of lean…. a wonderful sight… especially as they weren’t doing the motorcyclists “knee on the ground” stabilizer thing with one wing!

    Yes, they are fun…. thanks!

    PS:have you got your boxers back yet?

    • Yes Tim but they are a bit draughty now!

      • I’ll overlock them back up if you like!

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