Posted by: kathandroger | February 23, 2015

The dog is wearing my underpants.

Boudie is a very fit dog. Each day she is walked, well fed, and undertakes a personal training program by chasing various cars down to the bottom of the orchard. She hunts various animals, most of them imaginary, and in general has a lovely life. Although getting on a bit in years she maintains her feminine vitality and is a joy and entertainment to have about the house, and doesn’t seem to mind being outwitted by the cat. But, like many Airedales, she sometimes has some skin problems, which causes her to scratch and bite herself. We think she is allergic to milk, but there may be other aggravating factors as well. Today she has caused a nasty patch on her hip which is obviously bothering her. Now intelligent she may be, but she does not respond well to reasoned argument about not biting her wounds. I was keen to implement the lampshade treatment (a big shade over her head to prevent her reaching the sore), but this was deemed tooIMG_2937 aggressive by the boss. Instead I was summoned to fetch a pair of old underpants. Now it is only a couple of years since I sorted out my underwear drawer, and all my kit is in excellent order. Notwithstanding my protests, I produced a pristine pair of pants and the poor animal was dressed. The tail of a dog, however, does not quite correspond to the aperture provided for the male parts, and so a rather crude hole was fashioned  instead. This will make them difficult for me to wear in the future, but Boudie seems very content, and her new fashion was even admired by the cat! I hope she heals up soon.IMG_2936


  1. Is says no dog even Boodie on her holidays is wearing his undies!!
    Love us all xx

  2. Oops spelling mistake Ian says !

  3. spoilsport….

  4. I think you ought to go and get her a fetchingly coloured pair of Kevin Klines…
    or perhaps those ones that seem to say Dim all round the band.

    And, Roger, you’d better watch out, she’ll be after your Bermudas next!!

  5. Have you considered the possibility she is allergic to some plant? Lots of dogs are. Tradescantia is a prime suspect if you have any in the garden. Are there any garden beds she likes to sit on? What’s planted in them?

    I must say I’m a bit startled by how well those undies fit her…I presume the pants necessitate organised toilet breaks.

    • Thanks Susan, I hadn’t thought of that and will investigate. Yes, the pants are remove for toiletting!

  6. Hello Boudie. Lovely to see you again

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