Posted by: kathandroger | February 16, 2015

Bleedin’ Sparras.

One of the first things I built here was the “kiosk” on the hill behind our house. It is always cool, even in midsummer, due to the slight breeze which seems to come along the valley. We put an old table and chairs in it and love to spend a hour or two drinking wine and watching the world go by. Having said that, we seem only rarely to have the time to go up there, but the guests seem to like it, and it has been well used. But we are not the only ones who like the situation. Particularly over the past couple of years it has become the local sparrows village hall, and more and more little nests are appearing. Now I love birds, but they do leave rather a lot of calling cards.IMG_2929I don’t think a Pimms would go down to well with all that poo about. So, what to do? Pulling down the nests is only a temporary solution, so my brilliant idea last year was to attach a very scary old wine box liner to the roof battens. It moves terrifyingly in the wind, and the sparrows absolutely love it!IMG_2934In fact they told all their mates about it and we have visitors from all the local sparrow communities to come and see it and to crap on the table. It may well be that before the scary object is viewed, a deposit has to be made. Well, you clever little buggers, your time is up! I have spent this afternoon up a ladder fixing some plastic netting all over the rafters to stop further escapades, using my old trusty stapling machine to good effect. Time will tell who has won-but I suspect I already know the answer!

One bright thing about this afternoon was the munching of the sheep. They all seem to go for mealtimes together, and hearing the contented munching of our little flock almost made up for the misery of the endless poo piles.IMG_2933


  1. OHH…esss-aitch-one-tea!
    What a mess…
    I notice that the table has a parasol hole in the middle…
    how about using an old/cheap wide parasol as a table and chair cover…
    assuming that your obvious doubt in the “effin’ casey” of the net proves founded!!

    • Tres bonne idee Tim-if all else fails I shall erect a big brolly!

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