Posted by: kathandroger | February 11, 2015

Clever Bluetit!

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a bluetit coming to our bare Boston Ivy on the stone gate pillar. He (probably a she as it is very clever) always came to exactly the same spot, pecked for a few moments and then flew off. It always caught my eye when we were having breakfast each morning, and each time a went to investigate I could see nothing unusual.IMG_2927Today, however, the mystery is solved. The clever bird was coming to drink! I guess with most of the free water being frozen, especially in the mornings, a morning cuppa is hard to come by. The bud on the vine had been expertly pecked off, and a droplet of sap appears, providing the ideal beverage for a thirsty bluetit!IMG_2928


  1. That won’t be sap, either…
    there won’t be any flowing yet….
    my guess is that the bud is the drip point for melting frost.
    Same thing tho’…
    a good beverage point for a little beak…
    bark-infused water…
    must be good…
    same as a good brew!

    • Sorry Tim, but it certainly is sap! Looks like it, tastes like it, and February is the best month for tapping Maple syrup! All to do with pressure changes.

      • Rising sapwise…
        there’s certainly nothing moving here…
        and I include myself in that!
        It must be those settlers over there always wanting to be first!!
        But I can see sap beginning to move if the temperatures for next week stay as they are forecast.

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