Posted by: kathandroger | January 24, 2015

All in a week’s work.

I never thought we would not have enough to do here. The problem, and the joy, of a large property is that something always needs work. Rosemary the sheep has produced a male lamb; a scrawny looking thing, and not the bouncing twins we were expecting. No doubt he will mature into a fine vibrant example of masculinity just like his namegiver Steve, the male part of our trio of stand in shepherds.IMG_2891 (2)Here he is with the twin girls, who already look huge.

The wayward chicken Beryl looked as though she should be in lay, but I couldn’t find her eggs. Not until we did some gardening in the swimming pool area. In the middle of a lavender bush, with the later eggs perched on the branches, there were some dozen or so hidden in the foliage. All looked in good condition, but, not knowing how old they were, all needed to be broken into a cup to test they were not rotten before we ate them. IMG_2881Since then she has decided to lay in the hay in the log store, which is OK as long as I get to the egg before the dog eats it! She is a very strongminded and stubborn lady, a bit like another I know!

Pruning all the fruit trees in the orchard was a chore, but luckily the weather has been ideal. Rather than use the scaffolding this year we did it all via stepladders and the long handled pruner. My neck was sore for days, but they look better after a good haircut. The problem is getting rid of all the prunings, but they burnt well in an old oil barrel, and I have retained some to use as pea stickers.IMG_2888

There was still some time left for playing however. I was given some old tools by Maureen, Kaths’ parents’ neighbour in Yorkshire when we were there for Christmas. Together with some odd bits and pieces found here, the latest creations are the Hoe bull and the short eared saw owls. The latter work very well and bow in the breeze independently.IMG_2903IMG_2901

We took my Christmas present for Kaths parents to Yorkshire in the car. That was a bit of a challenge as it was big, heavy and clumsy, having been made from a old lorry spring on a large metal stand with several small birds being chased by a hawk. all on a rotating joint made from an old chair wheel. I hope they were pleased and that it has survived the winds in the north of England without taking off!IMG_2870


  1. Love the owls — simple but effective. And I can’t imagine how you got Kath’s parents present into the car!

  2. A sculptor you are! Well done Daddy Rog! I love the owls. Seems like life is keeping you busy and happy which is great. I hope Kath is recovering well from the knee op. Look forward to seeing you in June/July. Mary xx

  3. Brentford 1 – 2 Boro

  4. ooops that should have been 0-1 …the excitement was just too much!

    • That’s January gone and no post-Christmas slump…what’s going on??

      • ….same can’t be said for Bournemouth though, can it?…..I hope you two busy people are keeping well…we’re back in France 8-18 Feb…see you around, perhaps…

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