Posted by: kathandroger | January 16, 2015

Big week in France.

This has been a moving week for us in our new country. The massacres in Paris have resulted in an outpouring of national emotion, and a real sense of unity for all the population. The French have always been so welcoming for us, but the real feeling of liberty, equality and fraternity has not been obvious until now. The system here has always felt less class orientated than in the UK, I guess because of the revolution so many years ago, and we were proud to participate in one of the many demonstrations at the weekend. I wonder what the reaction would have been if the atrocities had happened in England. I doubt if there would have been so much overt demonstration and the traditional British “stiff upper lip” would have taken priority. All clouds have a silver lining, and the renewed national pride here will, I hope, translate into some renewed enthusiasm for the prosperity of the country.

We lost our dear friend Franck yesterday. He was in his late forties and had struggled with his cancer for the past three years. Kath and I had watched him wither away from the athlete he was to  a very sad shadow of the man we had so much fun with. He was always so welcoming to me, despite my poor French and his lack of English, and with his wife Katia, we spent many hours together in our large group of French friends. From swimming in the sea to dancing in the local club, and playing games in our orchard, he was always full of fun and joking with everyone. I never heard him complain about his treatment, despite the usual aggressive results of chemotherapy, and until the last few weeks remained optimistic about further treatments. Even in the final few days he always had a smile despite realizing his time had come. Our thoughts are with his family. We won’t forget you Franck.


  1. It’s been a very emotional week and I’m sorry to hear you have lost a good friend.

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