Posted by: kathandroger | January 6, 2015

New Year lambs and falling feathers.

We have just got back  after spending Christmas and New Year in the UK. It was lovely to see family and friends, but it is always a real treat to get back to France. The old country is still the same; beautiful in parts (we had a week in the Lake District, which has to be one of the prettiest places in the world), but still with too many people and too few smiles. To swap the bottleneck motorways of England for the empty ones in France was a pleasure, and to find the house in good order on our return was a relief. We are very lucky to have neighbours who arrive just after we go and and leave just before we return to spend the holiday in their pretty cottage over the road. Yet again this year, Steve, Sarah and Sophie were on hand to deal with our twin lambs which arrived a few days ago. Ideally we would like to have lambs in the early Spring, but leaving Hercules with his women all the time means some early arrivals. They both look very fit and have been introduced to Boudie without any problems. Animals seem to know if there is any danger, and the dog is such a soft old girl that I guess they were both relaxed at once.IMG_2878IMG_2879Dennis the cat arrived to greet us as the car arrived, having spent Yuletide in the embrace of the neighbours, and today punished us for leaving him alone by peeing in the bath-but I guess that is better than the packet he left on our bed on another occasion!

The chickens manage well with the automatic door arrangement, but the stupid one, Smokey, has decided that now is the time to moult. Now I know that girls get fed up with their clothes and they have to be changed regularly, but why in the depths of winter? She has also restarted her old habit of running backwards and bashing into things. I have heard of “Sale madness” and maybe this is the poultry equivalent, but doubtless she will choose the same clothes again this year.IMG_2873P.S. I have just checked the new lambs, and both are female. They shall be named after our honorary shepherdesses Sarah and Sophie.


  1. Perhaps Smokey is running backwards…
    to stop the feathers falling out.
    My gawd… but she look a mess!!

    And the lambs possibly think Boudie is a big brown sheep?

    Happy New Year… may 2015 be kind to you.

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