Posted by: kathandroger | November 30, 2014

The latest bird and French meetings.

The weather is slowly becoming more autumnal at last,and with the inclement weather a chap has a good excuse to slink away to his workshop. Lots of banging and bashing, cussing and welding, riveting and plasma cutting and at last another bird is made. This one out of an old oil can, some galvanised tubing and other bits and pieces. Apparently, if you weld too much galvanised metal, the fumes can cause a kind of mental problem, but whether this is good or bad the books don’t say. I felt fine, but Kath thought me a bit strange when I hung bits of metal on the washing line! Didn’t take too long to get it together again and the new bird now sits on a lovely big bit of rough oak which I have had in the log store for years. She can move in the wind and goes well with the old cock and the big dragonfly.IMG_2846IMG_2849

We went to our cycling club AGM last evening. I can’t stand long meetings at the best of times, but in France!!! The main difference is that in this country the chairperson seems to sit in the middle at the front and then observe the melee from afar! He may say the odd word now and again, but generally a meeting consists of several diverse noisy conversations in various parts of the hall. The loudest sub meeting then takes over until another group takes ascendency, then after some interminal ¬†interval a decision is sometimes made. But after it all there is always drinks and gateau, and everyone seems happy again. Roll on the next meeting!


  1. That’s a fantastic bird!
    I take it your AGM started half an hour late; the treasurer read the annual report in an inaudible mumble but you could read it anyway; one person seemed to be arguing with everyone else…

    • Yes Tim, I forgot to say we always start about 20mins late, and the treasurer did exactly that

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