Posted by: kathandroger | November 13, 2014

The muck spreaders and endless tubers.

We let our chickens have free range in the orchard and gardens. I did try to keep them out of the swimming pool area and Eilleen’s garden, but to no avail. They are very adept at crawling under obstructions as well as flying over them, and I haven’t clipped their wings this year. In general they don’t do too much damage, and certainly eat lots of bugs and give us loads of eggs. Yesterday, however, was the first time they have been a positive help. I had forked great lumps of leaf mold onto a flower garden, and was wondering how to spread it evenly; no need, Beryl and her chicks had the job in hand in no time.IMG_2832

We all make errors in the garden. I was very proud of my Jerusalem Artichoke screen,which has done a great job whilst the permanent shrubs were growing. The latter are now big enough to privatise the swimming pool area, so it was time to get rid of the artichokes. No chance! Bloody things seem to have burrowed to the centre of the earth and spread into the roots of everything else, and even the chickens were no help this time. After several hours of cursing and digging, multiple barrow loads of tubers, it all looks clear, but I bet it isn’t!IMG_2835Kath did make lots of lovely soup, but the well known repercussions of artichokes became all too apparent on the club bicycle ride yesterday afternoon. It is very difficult to remain socially acceptable whilst emitting huge volumes of gas,made even harder by the elongated position on a bike!


  1. Coop almost ready….
    and they will have similar work to do!!

    As for “topinambours”…
    I can guarantee that you haven’t removed them…
    it is impossible!!

    I used to meet a fixed-wheel cyclist at a particular junction on my way home many years ago…
    he always wore tee-shirts with a picture of a Heinz Baked Bean tin on the front…
    and “Wind Assisted” on the back!!

    So you will have to get a tee-shirt with a topinambour on the front…
    and the same wording… in French… on the back.

  2. Bet it made cycling uphill easier though!

  3. The first time I ever ate fartichokes I was completely unaware of the inevitable consequences. The next day I had a meeting in a very grand country house with a group of very senior art historians. It was excruciating to say the least and I had to keep disappearing down to the other end of the house…

    I bet you haven’t got rid of them all either.

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