Posted by: kathandroger | November 7, 2014


There are lots of things I know little about,and only a few things I know lots about. Bamboo is one of the former. I knew that pandas love it and that one of my old fishing rods is made from split cane, and that there is a great clump of it growing by our neighbour’s pond.IMG_2824I also knew that it has become a bit of a nuisance in France due to its’ rapid and uncontrolled spread. But what a remarkable plant! Post Wikapeadia study, I now know lots of interesting stuff. Tough as steel, sturdier than concrete and grows to full size in one year, flowers only every several years, and then all over the world at the same time-and when that happens the rats gorge on the fruits, multiply like rabbits and then eat all the local grains causing famine. Gorillas can get drunk on bamboo sap, and it is used as scaffolding to build skyscrapers,though not when there are any Gorillas around.Even in France it can grow 10cm daily and is the fastest growing plant in the world. Yes yes, but tell me something interesting-well I reckoned it would be good for making a fence. So I have been toddling off down the road to Guy’s pond to do some bamboo scrumping. Bloody great bits of tree they are too, and after hacking down about a dozen, cutting them to length, drilling offset holes (the fence is for a slope), and fixing it all together with the ubiquitous building rods, things are shaping up well.IMG_2825 The top sections will make good pea sticks for next spring.


  1. That’s a most handsome-lookiing fence. Watch out for bamboo splinters. Tim is planting bamboo in our meadow. I’m not sure it’s the best thing to do.

  2. Very versatile plant Rog,make some Pan pipes and play Kath some nice music to help her recuperate.On a different note bamboo was used by the allied forces in the Pacific for reinforcing concrete instead of using steel,one of the many uses for it.It is also a bit of a b!!!!! to dig out.

  3. When we were househunting in France we saw several gardens where bamboo had taken over huge areas and it was obviously being difficult to control. We have a small patch which is destined to be removed asap.
    Your fence looks very attractive!
    Nick saw bamboo being used as scaffolding on his many trips to India.

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