Posted by: kathandroger | October 28, 2014

Herons from Scrap.

IMG_2806We still have lots of rubbish on our property, and even more over the road in the deserted barn. I’m not sure if it is my post war upbringing or just natural thriftiness, but I hate to see anything wasted. And one of the blessings of retirement is that I can sometimes do whatever I want to do, including messing about with old scraps of metal and creating something new. In the wood store the other day I found an old axe head that I had tried to weld together last year with no success. It looked a little bit like a birds’ head from one side, so I decided to try and make a very rough sculpture with it. The head was much too broad, but I managed to cut it into thirds using my angle grinder, and found some old curtain rail rings for the eyes, and some metal strip for the head feathers. The neck was a problem as well, as I thought I would make a present for some dear friends, the husband being unwell at the moment, and I wanted to show two birds with necks entwined. What better than an old handlebar from a derelict bicycle? Legs were easy, using building rods, and the base I made from a very heavy strip of rusty metal found in the cellar. The body came from an old oil barrel, the inside of which was in excellent condition, and was fairly easy to bash into the required shape using a variety of hammers and chisels. All this was cobbled together, very crudely, with my new MIG welder, and the end result was finished with a protecting varnish. I hope our friends like it!IMG_2808


  1. I love those herons, Roger!
    Pat x

  2. I think they are fabulous!

  3. You have the life of them exactly. Superb! Pauline

  4. Spot on…
    you’ll be exhibiting soon…
    Do some for L’Art & Lard next year?!

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