Posted by: kathandroger | October 21, 2014

Crappy the Toad.

We have a lovely large vaulted cellar under the house. When we arrived it was full of junk-old (empty!) bottles and lots of very rotten looking  preserves. On clearing out the mess we came across a large toad, minding his own business and quite happy in the damp and darkness. We wondered how long he would stay there, and how he arrived, but decided to leave him alone.

One of my granddaughters came to stay, and loves all creepy animals. The French word for toad is crapaud, so it is no surprise that he was immediately labelled “crappy”. That was almost five years ago, and crappy has been there ever since. I have no idea how old he is, but apparently toads can live for up to 40years! He has become one of the attractions for young visitors to La Belardiere, and even the dog and cat love to go and have a sniff of him. I guess he must live off anything moving in the cellar, but from time to time I take him a worm to enjoy. It must be quite an effort to eat a whole worm, as afterwards he stays replete in the same spot for at least a day!IMG_2794IMG_2796


  1. Il est beau ce crapaud!

  2. Probablement “il” est “elle” si c’est un gros crapaud!

  3. Take her more worms…
    whether or not she is a she [probably, if large]…
    but the bones are showing.
    You have a Biafran toad in your cellar…
    she’d far rather be out in the wild like Mrs. Toad is here…
    I regularly encounter her by the barn wall.

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