Posted by: kathandroger | October 13, 2014

What to do with Beryl’s brood?

She has been a really good mother. Clucking and cooing over her seven chicks, Beryl has brought them all to near maturity now, but, to our surprise, has not yet left them to get on with their own lives. She chucked her last brood out way before they were this size, but then they were the ugly sisters, and I guess she just got fed up looking at them. Only one of that brood remains: Big Bertha, and Kath has taken a liking to her and won’t let me put her in the pot! IMG_2781All this means that we have too many chickens. Even little Stumpy, the one on the right, has started laying, and we have more than enough eggs now.The hen house is too small for all these fowl, so it is either the freezer or another home for Beryl’s brood.


  1. Give Pauline a call…
    this was meant to be the “Year of the Chickens”…
    but we are now in October….

  2. We could take on two or three, given a lot of advice for complete beginners! As long as they aren’t those awful cou nu things.

  3. At least one of them must be female – how are you at chicken-sexing? I don’t want to end up with two or three cockerels!

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