Posted by: kathandroger | October 9, 2014

Cleaving Clivias and season’s end.

Friend Linda sent over some old Clivia plants recently. One great big bugger actually, completely pot bound and struggling for survival. Now I’m not a gardener, so as in all things unknown the way forward was to consult the oracle-U tube. Clivias are big muscular plants with strong roots that grow well in the shade and come originally from somewhere hottish. My search on the computer produced  a typical Australian macho man wielding a great long machete and slicing the poor plant into sectors which he assured us would all be flowering again next season. He also lopped their heads off. Poor thing! Being a contrary sort I didn’t want to mutilate the struggling plant, so after finally getting it out of the pot I did the obvious-when in doubt then shake it all about! After several minutes of a bizarre dance involving increasingly violent manipulations of the roots, almost all the old soil came off, and it was possible quite easily to tease out the original plant and all the infant plantlings. I did cut some of the leaves off some new plants, but left most intact to compare the two methods. The one plant has yielded about two dozen new ones, so let’s hope they all root well.IMG_2772IMG_2776Well that’s it, another season over. Our last guests have left this morning. The gites will need some tarting up over the winter, but they have done really well and already we have lots of booking for next year. We always try to add something new each year, and despite the boss’s reservations I am keen to provide a mountain bike course through our woods. Might have to increase the insurance cover though! A Croquet lawn is also on the cards, but we shall have to be sure that Mr Mole is not around.


  1. I see nothing wrong with molehills on a croquet lawn…
    it all adds to the variety of one of the most “vyshuss gaymes” known to mankind….
    want to find out someone’s true character…
    will they make a good boss…
    involve them in a croquet match and watch!!

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