Posted by: kathandroger | October 2, 2014

Les Vacances.

IMG_0060[1]Our season has almost finished-just one more group next week, so we decided to take a short holiday ourselves. Kath has always wanted to try sand yachting, and so we booked a windy location where we could do both the yachting and learn to kitesurf. Noirmoutier is a small island off the coast of the Vendee, with long sandy beaches and lots of wind, the ideal location.Lessons were booked, accommodation arranged and off we went. Only one small problem; the sea was as flat as a pancake and not a breath of wind! In fact we did manage a couple of hours kite surfing-great fun but difficult to learn, especially when the kite plunges into the oggin and getting in airborne again becomes a bugger. But sand yachting can be learnt in about half an hour, and is great fun and surprisingly fast. The beach was several miles long and almost deserted at this time of the year so we could zip up and down without mowing down any sunbathers. The only problem for me was seeing the holes and pools in the beach, which resulted in complete soakings, but the sun was out and drying only took a few minutes.

The island itself is only about 20kms long and very busy in high season. Oysters, shellfish and a huge variety of other fish were readily available and we ate nothing but seafood for a week, all very fresh and delicious. The French, typically, love to gather their own seafood, and at low tide the beaches would be invaded by hoards of amateur fishermen wielding their nets to gather the local prawns. It seemed to me that the only thing caught was seaweed, but one lady assured me that her husband had caught enough to fill the freezer for the Christmas feast.


  1. How about some pix of you or Kath sand-yat-ching then….
    or kite surfing….
    either would have been good……
    or the seafood?

    • Sorry Tim, but with water entering every conceivable orifice pix were the last thing we were thinking about!

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