Posted by: kathandroger | September 23, 2014

The French don’t Hug.

We have managed to integrate well into the community in our new life in France. We are the only Brits in our village and getting to know the local customs has been fun.A few days ago we had an evening to celebrate our recent plays in the local caves. As usual this consisted of a large meal preceded by “aperitifs” but again as usual there were huge amounts  of delicacies to consume even before the main meal began. Suffice to say we were replete at the end of the evening -after midnight as usual! The French greet each other by “bisous”-a short and delicate peck on each cheek, the number of pecks depends on the region and the individuals involved; usually twice in this area. It is a difficult manoeuvre to perfect, especially if the lady concerned is wearing glasses; I have been quite seriously injured in some encounters. Handshakes for the men is the norm, but an all male bisous is not uncommon, and one has to be prepared for a manly snog from time to time. But the French never hug! This very pleasant manoeuvre has become much more common in the UK, and I have to say I find it much more agreeable. What happened to the amorous French?

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