Posted by: kathandroger | September 14, 2014

Autumnal activities.

Mid September, but it feels like mid August;but there again mid August felt like mid November! Clear blue skies and mid twenty temperatures and we are having to water the plants again.The spuds are all up now, and it is interesting that the French familiar word for pommes de terre is patates, whereas our name for potatoes is spuds! We had three barrow loads of Desiree like this and they see us through the winter.

But what does a chap do when the seasons preclude messing about outdoors? The obvious answer is to get into the workshop and do some welding! All those sparks and hot bits of metal and sometimes something useful emerges. I have just finished making a log trailer for the quad bike out of bits and pieces pinched from the rubbish tip across the road. It involved shortening the axle length, and comparing my old and new welding machines in action-great fun for boys.The finished article has not yet been tested, so fingers are all crossed.

And we know it is Autumn now for two other reasons; cycling has reverted to the afternoons and the hunters are out in force today-the first day of the season and our early mornings on Sundays destroyed by the sound of gunfire all aroundIMG_2747IMG_2755



  1. A truly phenomenal year for patates, spuds or whatever you like to call them. We used a fishermans’ spring balance and a tubtrug to weigh ours. It’s a great relief to have got them out of the ground before the wet weather comes back.

  2. Hello – We are Sue and Leon and friends of Simon and Susan. We are and I see you mention a cycling club in the region. We are spending 6 weeks in the Loire after I ride the L’Eroica in Tuscany Oct 5. I’m looking to locate a club that I might ride with while staying at St Romaine sur Cher. Hope you can help.

    • Sorry to be so late in replying. Your best bet would be to contact the local mairie to find the clubs in the area; we cycle with the club at Dange St Romain, but that is a long way from you and there are bound to be closer clubs. Good Luck!

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