Posted by: kathandroger | August 29, 2014

A frog, a fish and a fungus.

We live near a small pond full of frogs. They are dearly loved by the pond’s owner, even in late spring, when the noise they make is enough to make us close the windows at night, although we live a hundred metres away. As a result we have lots of the little animals coming into our orchard, which is no problem for us, and a delight for the chickens. It’s often forgotten that hens will eat almost anything, animal or vegetable, and our cou nou chickens are no exception!IMG_2727The lake is not only full of frogs, there are lots of fish as well.I managed to catch this lovely carp on floating breadcrust within minutes of arrival. He was dutifully returned after his photo, but I reckon he toldhis mates, as I didn’t have another bite!IMG_2729

I don’t know much about fungi, but found these lovely specimens recently. They are known variously as “lattice stinkhorn”,” basket stinkhorn”,” red cage” and my favourite,” witches’ heart.” The proper name is “clathrus rubor” They push up from pingpong ball “eggs”, and only last about a day before withering away. As the name implies, they pen and ink terribly, like rotting flesh, and it is thought that the spores are transmitted by some of the bugs that are attracted by the smell. AND they were the “Mushroom of the Year” in Germany in 2011!!IMG_2733



  1. I had never heard of “Witches heart” as a name for the basket stinkhorn….
    but it fits perfectly!!
    They are spread by Flesh-flies [Sarcophaga carnaria] and others of the Calliphoridae…. such as Bluebttles and Greenbottles….
    as are the stinkhorns in the UK…
    but I have also seen a Burying Beetle near a ‘ripe’ stinkhorn in the UK.

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