Posted by: kathandroger | August 25, 2014

Swallows and mobile sculptures.

The weather over the past few weeks has been lousy. Few really sunny days, the temperatures have fallen to about 20, and the feeling is autumnal.The swallows in the barns and my workshop have all left their nests and are congregating in big flocks on the telephone wires outside the house.IMG_2712I guess they will be off back to Africa in a few days, and my sadness at their departure is a reflection of my joy at their arrival in spring. They have done really well this year; we had seven nests, each had at least two broods, and I counted at least sixty swallows on the wires yesterday. I wonder how many will make it back next year? Incidentally, I am fascinated by the way their droppings tend to turn to dust over a matter of weeks, and decided to do some internet research. Mistake!Putting the words “faeces” and “swallow” does not reveal what I was looking for!

With slightly less gardening and grass cutting to do recently, I have been able to play more games in the workshop. We had seen some mobile sculptures at one of the local chateau displays last year, so with bits of junk lying around, such as an old toaster (for the stainless steel), an old golf club and rusted iron, then lots of welding and bashing red hot metal the end product appeared. Kath was not too pleased when I half inched her kitchen scales to get the weight of each end the same, but with the aid of an old brass sink plug the balance works well and it all moves pleasingly in even the lightest wind. It is a present for friends who have both had big birthdays recently, to go by their little pond, so I can only hope they like it.IMG_2725



  1. What a lovely present! Absolutely one of a kind. The dragonfly is wonderful. Pauline

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