Posted by: kathandroger | August 16, 2014

Lofty’s legacy, canine cruelty and the oven cleaner.

Lofty the cockerel may have left us (he was much too noisy), but a few days ago Beryl revealed the products of his maturity. Despite choosing the hayloft for her delivery suite, all went well, and we discovered seven newborn chicks.Despite her protests, we felt that it was inappropriate for her to bring her brood into the outside world down a three metre drop, so I bundled them all into a cardboard box an installed them into a temporary run in the garden. The ugly sisters, who were Beryl’s last brood, took an instant interest in the free food, but were not warmly welcomed. Beryl and chicks are now happily running free in the garden and enjoying frequent meals of crushed dog biscuits and weetabix.IMG_2695

But the chicks are not the only new arrivals this week. On returning from a walk a couple of days ago, Boudie started barking at a box in our field, just off the road. Closer inspection revealed three new born kittens, bedraggled in the rain and close to demise. Some bugger had just dumped them, hoping, I guess, that the stupid English would look after them. I nearly chucked them into the stream, but knew our young guests would enjoy them for a few days, and so it proved. Each was given a name, fed via a pipette, and lovingly put to  bed at night. Sadly the guests have now gone,so the future for the kittenIMG_2699s is debatable-there are far too many cats around already.

To complete the animal accounts, IMG_2700Boudie has for once shown her worth. I made a pig’s ear of heating Kath’s pizza the other day and most of it fell into the bottom of the oven. After the customary admonishment, I began the cleaning operation, only to be completely usurped by my faithful hound. The oven has never been so clean!IMG_2697


  1. Ahem…feline cruelty…and yes, the person who dumped them is a total arsehole. I don’t suppose they’ll bother to get the mother neutered either. I’m sorry to say that I think the best solution is for you to take them to the vet and have them put down. Refuge centres will be overwhelmed with kittens at the moment, and life in a refuge centre is not much of a life.

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