Posted by: kathandroger | August 12, 2014

New river in Maziere.

IMG_2681The summer has been wet this year. Lots of good sunshine too, but frequent storms and heavy rain. On Friday the rain fell-almost three inches in the afternoon. In the UK we say in has been raining cats and  dogs, but the French, always more dramatic, say it rains like a “vache qui pisse”-a cow passing urine! Well I reckon we had a herd of cows that afternoon, and the drains on our little road outside could not manage. Within an hour we had a river instead of a road, with the force of the flood pushing all sorts of debris down to the crossroads below. I didn’t mind the debris, but it also took our gravel drive with it! On Saturday morning I spent more than two hours digging out the draining ditch to retrieve the stones! I’ve made some sandbags now, so a drought is due!IMG_2684


  1. Yes, drought due…
    just looked at the long range….
    sunny, dry and hot getting hotter…
    after the Retromechaniques on Friday….
    and the Comice Agricole on Sat&Sun…
    and then, there is also the old car Spectacular at Lesigny on Friday, as well!
    All designed to bring on the rain….
    just as sure as hanging out fresh washing!!
    Or planning a barbecue….

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