Posted by: kathandroger | August 7, 2014

Villandry and Dennis.

What a green garden we have! No credit due to our gardening, but this year has given us lots of rain as well as loads of sun. Even the lawns, which are normally going brown at this time of year, are looking like Wimbledon, except for the pristine cutting and the tennis players of course. But with every blessing there are always problems. The weeds in the vegetable plot have been rampant, so much so that the trouble and strife spent almost a day pulling every one out by hand. “now it looks like Villandry” she said. And it did too-for a couple of days at least!IMG_2673

The other problem has been the “maladie” on the tomatoes. Despite weekly spraying with Bordeaux mixture we have had the mildew on some of the vines. Not as bad as last year,when we lost most of the crop, but a worry nontheless.

Dennis has been up to his usual antics. A guest in the smaller gite has an aversion to cats. She is staying in the downstairs bedroom, and sadly left the window open last night. At about seven this morning Dennis decided it was time to cause havoc and bounded through the window onto her head. The resulting scream was heard throughout the complex, and poor Dennis has himself needed counselling for auditory trauma!

In addition a new arrival has upset the little cat. Chouquette, the highland terrier belonging to our neighbours, was left alone whilst they were on holiday, and her constant barking through the night upset us all.(Incidentally, chouquette means a ball of choux pastry sprinkled with sugar, which suits her well). Accordingly we brought her to live with us for a few days. Dennis is not too sure about her though!IMG_2679IMG_2674


  1. That’s mildiou all right. Bordelaise only works till it rains, then it washes off and the spores wash on. The plants may recover. I’m just hacking lumps off my plants and hoping.

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