Posted by: kathandroger | July 27, 2014

Lofty and Beryl 2.

Since the last post about him our Lofty has transformed. From the gangly youth of yesterday he grew into a dominant male, the king of his domain, his ladies in complete submission to their master. But did he not crow about it! We thought that if he was kept in the henhouse until a decent time then the guests would not hear him, but we were wrong. From the cawking of his youth, his call blossomed into a powerful celebration of his supremaIMG_2670cy, heard for miles around. Not good for slumbering guests at 4am! Even from the chicken house at the end of the orchard his powerful lungs could penetrate the depths of our well insulated gites. So Lofty had to go. Luckily a friend locally decided that his own cock had not been performing well recently and that an injection of youth would do his girls some good, so young Lofty has gone to service several dozen hens at the other end of the village. But what to do with Jean-marie’s old chap? Simple; he is going into Coq au vin, and we are invited to eat him with them. So practical these French!

Now the wayward Beryl is not a practical girl. She has decides to go broody again,soon after raising the ugly sisters, but has decided to do it in the hay loft in the barn. This will entail a somewhat interesting time when her chicks and their mother decide to enter the world from about two metres above the courtyard!


  1. Another project Roger…
    a nice long chicken ramp!!

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