Posted by: kathandroger | July 13, 2014

The Chinese visit.

We love having different nationalities in our gites. People on holiday are usually happy and keen to have a good time and so are we. Having received several antipodean parties recently, last week we had the pleasure of our first Chinese visitors. Despite only one of the dozen speaking our language, we seemed to communicate in a rudimentary fashion, and I hope not in a rude one. They are a group of old friends who try to spend their holidays in Europe together, although they now live in different parts of that huge country. It was fascinating how they loved our dog, and all week we heard her name being called by different oriental voices. She soon learned to appreciate Chinese dumplings,and she is now on a diet.

IMG_2649But for me the most lasting memory of the group is how their lives have changed. In 1966, the genocidal monster and political genius called Chairman Mao, decided that there were rumblings of capitalism in the cities, particularly within student groups. Accordingly, he started sending young people to remote areas to relearn the agricultural methods of their forefathers. All our group spent varying numbers of years in remote areas of China, tilling small plots of land using only hand tools, and often not being able to speak the local language. After the fall of the regime, many were able to resume their careers, and our party were all teachers and doctors.

The vast majority of Chinese now live in the cities again, and the burgeoning economy has led to unimagined wealth, but at the cost of loss of clean air and basic life values which our group were trying to find again in the West. They loved the green fields, the food, and most of all our fresh air and clear skies. We often forget how lucky we are


  1. They sound most interesting, and a bit like the group of clients I had today. They were all vets, who come from different countries but have been friends for years and meet up for holidays. They liked dogs too 🙂 I’ve noticed a lot of Chinese people love pet dogs, and our Chinese clients just wanted to be out in the gardens, especially the big parks. They said it was so rare to find open quiet space in China.

    I have Russian friends and I never know how much to quiz them about life before the fall of Communism. You never know what they might have had to do. Likewise talking about life there now can be tricky.

  2. The British government make a visit very difficult for Chinese tourists, but France welcomes them. They look as though they had a wonderful time. Vive la France!

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