Posted by: kathandroger | June 16, 2014

Carving Tuffeau and the new model.

IMG_2615Tuffeau stone is our local building material. It is a soft limestone formed from the ancient seas which once covered the area-and during the rains last winter we thought perhaps the sea was coming back! Many of the local houses, like ours, have been built from the stone which is quarried directly from the surrounding area. We can still see the remains of the quarry behind the buildings. The rock is soft enough to be sawed with an ordinary wood saw, and screws can be inserted without a pilot hole. And we have lots of it in the barn, so what better than to try a bit of stone carving? I selected a big squarish lump and wondered what big squarish lumps I could think of. The obvious answer was the dogs’ head!  What a lot of fun I had; lots of dust and stone chips, tapping lumps off with a chisel, and sawing at different angles, all good boys’ games. The result is not very good, but I aim to tempt my model wife to pose in the nude for the next carving-might take some time though.IMG_2619

The wife is a multitalented woman. This feature has been well known to me for a long time, but it seems that her talents have now been more widely appreciated. A local journalist telephoned last week asking if she would like to appear in a very posh, expensive regional magazine. She hates that sort of thing, but as it happened she was out and I answered the call and confirmed her agreement! Accordingly, the reporter and a well known fashion photographer arrived a few days ago for the meeting. Several hours and one hundred and thirty photos later the lass was released, exhausted and, I suspect, slightly proud.  We await the arrival of the magazine with interest, but hope the pictures don’t show the old barn shown here!IMG_2623


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