Posted by: kathandroger | June 7, 2014

The talented Mr Mole man.

IMG_2616Bloody moles. I love the little furry things really, but it is a  pain when they spoil my well cared for lawns. All I want them to do is move over a bit, away from the badminton area, and I am perfectly happy to deal with their piles of soil. The dog, too, loves to sit and watch the little piles  appear, but her feverish digging frenzies are always in vain and don’t help the lawn either. So after much soul searching the decision was made, they had to go. I had read widely about all the methods of discouraging mouldywarp, anything from mothballs to upturned bottles, but  the accepted opinion is that nothing works other than the death sentence. Come to think of it the same applied in my old trade; if there were lots of cures for an ailment then it was sure that nothing was any good! But I guess the death sentence would have got me into a bit of a pickle with the General Medical Council! U tube, as always, showed me how to do the deed, but with no experience it is always good to get a skilled practitioner on the job. Hence a call to our local mole guru, friend Paul. The first thing to do is indentify the direction of the mole runs, which is  not always in the expected direction,with a long prodder, and then dig down to reveal the passage and lay the trap. The spring loaded device is a bit of a threat to a new user, as I found out the next day when I almost lost a couple of fingers, but I was assured that death was instant for moley.                                                                                                                                                                        IMG_2618

After he left me, Paul visited another friend to check his tractor, and later on that day sorted out the hot water system for some more chums locally.What would we do without multitalented friends?

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