Posted by: kathandroger | May 25, 2014

C’est bizarre!

We went to vote for the European Parliament candidates today. Now I am not very interested in politics, but I guess it is important to vote; wasn’t that one of the things these Frenchies had a revolution for? Anyway, off  we trotted to the Marie before the market this morning to do our civic duty. And to be honest it does make me feel a bit more of a real local to be able to vote here. The voting room was filled by our local mayor and his team, proudly displaying the relevant papers of the  dozen and a half candidates. The papers were all neatly laid out on a large table for all to see. How do we vote? we asked with customary innocence. We had noticed the curtained voting booth to one side, where the secret act was to be performed. Very simple, was the reply, you simply have to pick up  the paper of the candidate you want to vote for(in full view of everyone), and then go into the veiled booth, put it into an envelope(which nobody can see) and then put the envelope into a box outside,which makes a bell like noise when the vote is counted. So much for voting privacy! At the end of the day it must be very simple to count the number of files remaining and verify in that room who has voted for whom with complete accuracy. I guess that’s what they mean  by egalite!



  1. To hide your intent, you pick up a selection…
    then tuck the others away and add them to the compost!

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