Posted by: kathandroger | May 22, 2014

Old boots and the local bastard.

There are lots of things in life that we take for granted. Sometimes little things which make our lives more enjoyable and comfortable but which are not given their deserved praise and appreciation. My old Doc Martens fill the bill. Originally in a striking blue suede, I was very proud to wear them to work in deepest Dorset when they were new over twenty years ago. Like me they have aged and are starting to fray at the edges, and have been relegated to dry weather outdoor work boots. But are they comfortable? As if dedicated to softly caressing my plates of my plates of meat, even without socks, they provide the gentle encouragement for the trials of the day. They are my below knee pleasure, and a true friend. Thank you boots.IMG_2583

And now a couple more local signs. The first,which means “pick up your dog poo”, has obviously been in situ for a long time, but it did make me wonder what caused its’ placement in the first instance? Was it perhaps an unpleasant slip outside the front door, or maybe the desecration of a beloved garden?IMG_2590

The second shows the difficulty of local advertising. WouIMG_2591ld you have your car serviced by this man?



  1. Young Monsieur Bastard is very nice, as it happens, but if you don’t trust him, what about Garage Automobiles Danger at Saint-Aignan? You may also want to think about Pompes funebre Forget in Montrichard and Bléré if it all goes horribly wrong.

    • Perhaps we should compile a book of French signs?

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