Posted by: kathandroger | May 20, 2014


I don’t know much about bees. But we have a friend who does. I heard some buzzing several days ago, coming from Steve and Sarah’s house over the road, and further inspection revealed frenzied activity of our little buzzy friends coming and going behind one of their window shutters. As it happens, another bee keeping friend had asked me to keep a lookout for swarms as he had lost his over the winter. Conveniently, though, he had buggered off back to the UK for a few days! Apparently at this time of the year, old queenie bee, who the others can’t live without, flees the hive to look for pastures new, leaving some potential new queen behind to look after the remaining troops and thus multiplying the colony. All very clever,as suitable sights are prospected by trusted scouts who then report back to the old girl, they have a chat, and the best new site is chosen by majority rule.The swarm then makes off for their next abode and a new pukka home is built. Our neighbours may have enjoyed a wonder of nature outside their kitchen window, but I doubt it. Hence the call to Martin and Denise,our local bee busters. All went well, with smooth efficiency, and the bees were in a new hive. Martin did say to look out for stragglers, but he was fairly convinced that he had taken the queen, who all the others depend upon. Next day, however, about the same number of bees remained, so a return trip was needed; the queen had possibly been missed. We hope they are content in their new home.IMG_2586



  1. A swarm of bees in May
    Is worth a load of hay,
    A swarm of bees in June
    is worth a silver spoon,
    But a swarm of bees in July
    Isn’t worth a fly.

    Martin and Denise’s honey is superb! The spreadiest honey in la Touraine du Sud.

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