Posted by: kathandroger | May 13, 2014

Naked necks and funny signs.

Beryl has done it! After the standard three weeks, she has produced three chicks from six eggs. Actually she produced four chicks, but one fell out of the nest and landed in the water bowl and drowned! We really are useless with our animals. But what ugly little buggers they are! We should have guessed that the fertile eggs we swapped from our neighbour Jean-marie were all cou nus. It is a popular breed in France due to its’ rapid growth, good egg laying ability and hardiness, but are they ugly? Cou nu means naked neck, and the breed may have originally come from the orient, probably because they got fed up looking at the things over there. Because the nest was on top of a log pile, I hastily built a new shelter from bits and pieces and we transferred a very agitated Beryl and her chicks to the new abode. She has settled in well and seems unaware that she is the proud mother of three of the most ugly chicks ever.IMG_2563

Still on the chicken theme, I have been meaning to snap this sign for months. In France the roads are generally very good, but there are some exceptions. Rather than repair the road it is felt that a general warning should be given to motorists to warn of the uneven surface. It would seem to me that “uneven surface” would suffice, but not to the French. Instead they imagine that the holes in the road have an important function. What better than a flock of nesting chickens? Hence the sign, which means chickens nests!IMG_2557




  1. Naked-necked chooks are somewhat ugly…
    I have two pix up on my Fumblr [sorry… flickr] site….
    both are cockerels….
    One is entitled “Bad night, old chap?”….
    the other…
    “Ginger Baker”….
    they do make great photo subjects!!
    And now I see that the chicks do….
    rather like little fat monks with a habit and tonsure!!

  2. French road signs are a joy and often brighten up a dreary day.
    We love the one that translates as “perturbed edges” and try to imagine what on earth has upset them so much!

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