Posted by: kathandroger | May 6, 2014

Baby foot and the breakfast deck.

IMG_2555It’s all go go go in the springtime. We have had our first two groups of guests already, from the USA and New Zealand. It is lovely to be in the middle of France and welcome visitors from all parts of the world. It gave us another insight   into the difference between the hemispheres, with the Americans reluctant to enter the swimming pool although it was at 26degrees, and the Kiwis, who swam   when it was less than 20!

The new projects are going well. We have installed our table football set-the French call it Babyfoot, and even hold the World championships here (but not in our games area!) The set is really meant to be used indoors, so after putting in a levelling concrete base we had to protect the table from the elements. Kath produced a big tarpaulin and after lots of bits of string(the best invention in the world) and some bungee ties we now have an indoor arena.

The outdoor breakfast area is also complete. The design was determined according to the amount of old bits and pieces I could find, and only has half a tiled roof because I could only find three old telegraph poles! The idea though, was to catch the morning sun and as can be seen, even the Boss has given a nod of approval!




  1. You deserve a sit down after managing Rog on that project Kath ..Well done to you both.

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