Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2014

Beautiful roses and chicken sexing

Our roses seem lovelier then ever this year. Maybe it is because they have come into flower so early before there are too many pests, too much rain and it gets too hot. Our favourite is this big old red rose which covers a good part of one of the walls…













It’s such a shame that you can’t convey smells over the internet because as well as looking stunning this rose has the most beautiful scent!

To change the subject somewhat, we continue to have problems sexing our chickens! Last year we were taken by surprise when Joan suddenly started to crow…and she promptly became Jonathan (Jonathan was the unfortunate cock who died when we were on holiday and was thoughtfully plucked and frozen by a friend). We recently invested in a couple of new ‘girls’ from Descartes market. They were quite small, but we were assured they were a couple of females. However, Pinky and Perky have grown at quite different rates…









Pinky, the one of the left, is now twice the size of Perky, has long legs, great big feet and noticeably more wattle and comb development.  Cearly Pinky is never going to produce any eggs! So we will have another dilemma. We really don’t want our guests being woken up at 5 am by a noisy cockerel…so depending on how he behaves ‘Pinky au vin’ may well appear on the menu in the months to come!


  1. Hi Kath and Rog ,It looks like you have been sold a turkey as they say!!

  2. Actually it looks more like a turkey than a chicken, so you are right!!

  3. Ahhh what a dilemma are you going to end up eating the poor thing!,,,!,,

  4. It’s up to him. If he’s too noisy too early then he’ll be for the pot!

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