Posted by: kathandroger | April 23, 2014

Odds and little sods.

All is lovely in this marvellous springtime. The birds are singing, the flowers are in bloom, the weather has been warming and even Beryl, our most recent chicken, has felt it time to go broody. She is a bit of a loner, our Beryl, and soon forsook the conventional laying site of her house. Instead she made a nest outIMG_2544 of a bundle of hay I use for lining the henhouse in the woodstore-a good place as it happens, as it is nice and dry and out of the way of our greedy dog, who eats all the eggs she can find. The only  problem, which Beryl failed to grasp, was that her eggs are infertile, our young cock Jonathan having been killed and plucked for the freezer. A quick visit to our friends in the village though, produced half a dozen swapped eggs which she is now proudly incubating, coming off the nest occasionally to have a squawk and bouffe. She can just be seen on the top of her nest, with her food and water at hand.

And the weeds!  There is a lovely book about weeds by Richard Mabey which I have just read. Fascinating, and the fact that weeds are only what we call them is evidenced by this lovely row of greater celandine which have covered my pile of stones thrown out from the vegetable garden.

And the lovely new born wild birds! As usual, the great tits have been avoiding my nestboxes and have again chosen to nest in an old terracotta ornament next to the swimming pool. I have heard the broods happy calls for the last week or so, and yesterday one little chubby chap almost got stuck trying to wedge his way out to the big wild world. I managed to get this snap of the happy moment.

But all good stories have a sad ending. Dennis ate him!


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